Arabs Against Human Injustices

This week’s class readings were especially interesting, and also inspirational. I found myself enthralled by the idea that Egyptians are learning citizenship, only recently, due to the influx of digital media. In the digital age, youth movements have allowed for the oppressed and brutalized people of Egypt to have a voice. Aside from their found ability to voice their opinions and bring oppressors to justice, Egyptian youth are also now finding that their online anonymity is important to them. Their digital capabilities to bring strength and solidarity to their people, without fear of retaliation, by those in power, has given the Egyptian youth a means of revolt. In the past, these youth movements were not possible. Egyptians have lived in fear of being brutalized or tortured by the police and those in power for centuries. However, Arab youths are now rising to the call for unity and citizenship and are becoming a force of awakened minds with endless potential.

While, the uprising of oppressed Arab youths, in Egypt, has become an important vehicle for Egyptian people to free themselves of the corrupt leaders, who highhandedly exploit their powers, it has also become a means for gender issues to be ultimately addressed. These issues, which are very repressive and subjective in manner, have burdened Arab women and forced them to endure deleterious treatment, separately from the oppression experienced by their people entirely. Tentatively, however, the regimes of corruption and violence still hold power in many of the Arab countries and may eventually recapture influence through politics and fear. Due to the lack of planning and/or strategy to contest a possible resurgence of power by Egyptian youth movements, the Arab youths could eventually be further oppressed and demonized by the regimes they collectively deposed. Yet, with social media and digital technology, Arabs will hopefully have continued access to online communities where their voices will remain to proliferate and increase the anonymity of Arabs against human injustices.

Proposal for final project:

For the final project, I would like build upon the importance of anonymity and free speech to the Arab people, and develop a better way to help Arabs voice their opinions, while staying completely anonymous within the digital community. The level of fear that Arab youths and women endure is deleterious to their abilities to continue to fight against the now and future regimes of power. If the opposition to those in power are not protected, the youth movements and digital citizenship will eventually lose the power they gained from revolting and return to an oppressed people. I think that with added securities and capabilities to improve user experience, without relying on true identity or identifying qualities, can be a tremendous tool to aid in the future of Arab human rights.

Arabs Against Human Injustices

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