Feminist Insurrections and Feminist Movements(Proposal for project at the bottom)

The Egyptian Revolution was a revolution marked and scarred by purposeful and directed sexual harassment on women activists. The manner by which Western News formed and modeled this discourse proved, according to Easley that “in the contemporary US, it is socially acceptable to vilify Arabs and/or Muslims, just as it is OK to be outspokenly racists against this group of people”(2011). Western media highlighted these sexual assaults as examples of how Egypt wasn’t ready for democracy and modernity and failed to keep in mind that the perpetrators could have been plain clothed paramilitaries or thugs. Around 2003 till 2010 many international feminist campaigns began. A key factor in this narrative is in 2000 the UN passed a resolution, “Women, Peace and Security” that among many things, “legalized international armed interventions in response to rape, femicide, and sexual violence in situations of armed conflict…”(204). International feminism moved towards a social deviance model. This model focuses on allowing access to public space, making reforms of public masculinity and desexualizing the urban life. The argument in this essay gets even more interesting though also complicated under the subheading Dynamics of Securitization. It begins with describing the state justification for transforming everyday social and economic life into police enforced military occupations. Then extends that into a discussion of parahumans, subjects of this occupation who are disabled by racism and or war. I kept on track until the discussion and redefining or analysis of “queering”. From what I understand, this is specifically state governance of subjects connected to state sexualization.

Connecting these concepts back to the Egypt, the response by the state during protests in the 90’s was to delegitimize and taint the movements and messages by dropping off plain clothed thugs into the mix, pawns recruited by the Interior Ministry and tools for the police. This to me is an example of disguised state security, protecting their government by infiltrating and repainting their society as ‘not yet ready for such liberties’. With this comes the Western Media and their inability to see or understand the complexities of the situation and further convolute this discourse.

Below: Proposal for Project

I want to make an illustrated black and white simplistic comic strip that takes a satirical perspective on a couple of feminist oriented movements as well as surveillance movements. I think simplistic images along side brief sarcastic lines will combine humor and attention grabbing art to create awareness and comprehension of what these different movements are fighting for the the ridiculousness associated with the fact that they haven’t attained such freedoms and liberties. One movement I would potentially focus on is the Women To Drive Movement in Saudi Arabia. It is almost unfathomable that this absurd restriction on women exists in general let alone in the 21st century. An example of a satirical line that I saw on the bumper of a car that would fit the attitude of my comic perfectly is “feminism is the radical notion that women are people”



Feminist Insurrections and Feminist Movements(Proposal for project at the bottom)

One thought on “Feminist Insurrections and Feminist Movements(Proposal for project at the bottom)

  1. sanasayedi says:

    Hey Shaina. I love the bumper comic line at the end. it was perfect. I completely agree with you and I find it just as preposterous that women are subjected to such inequalities and harassment in the Middle East. I was profoundly moved by the article and the crazy stories of the women who were harassed during the Egyptian Revolution and impact that the sexualized violence has on the women. And yes I agree that the western media of course did not cover the horrors of the sexual harassment and brutality on the women in Egypt but focused on Anderson Cooper’s experience. Then again found a way to incorporate the American system of democracy as not being the solution to Egypt and how they weren’t at the standards of the U.S. It’s all very FOX news comments.


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