Final Assignment

For my project, I would like to put together a video that displays current issues going on in the Middle East or at least in the past 5 to 10 years. I am not specifically sure what points I will touch on but I know I want to be able to put together video clips,news reports, and any extra media information to make a dramatic short video. This will require an intensive amount of internet research and scanning of videos in order to cut and edit clips that are impactful and meaningful to our video theme.

Specifics video ideas:

Police brutality: “We Are All Khaled Said”

**Syrian Civil War: 300,000 dead and 11 million are displaced


All of these examples would be looked at more thoroughly to create a video that creates tension and political knowledge to whats happening in the Middle East. Additionally, I may also create this video with the intent on creating contrasting images from the Middle East to the United States. This would create a greater impact on the viewers especially those within the US.

Final Assignment

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