Rewiring the Youth’s Consciousness + Project Pitch

In “Youth and Citizenship in the Digital Age: A View from Egypt,” Linda proposed the idea that in this digital era, the youth have become a “wired generation.” She asserts that the term, wired generation, really encompasses how communication in this digital era has led to a “rewiring” of youth’s consciousness. This means that the youth, unlike before, have become a force to be reckoned with due to their digitally active participation in social and political systems.

The wired generation in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), which are under authoritarian regime, are in constant conditions of “political repression and economic exclusion,” unemployment, injustice, etc, etc. Thankfully, with the massive use of communication tools from this digital era, the youth are now waking up and becoming aware of their conditions, which are causing them to not be silent and begin fighting for their rights. This social network revolution that was a catalyst, but not the primary reason, for the 25 January Revolution, has become an extension of their “social, political, psychological, and even spiritual life.” An example of how important this digital era is in making youth actively participating in the political arena, are Facebook pages like “We Are Khaled Said” and the “April 6th Youth Movement,” which are movements showing what the wired generation can do in this digital era.


Project Pitch:

Upon reading “Feminist Insurrections and The Egyptian Revolution,” by Paul Amar, I decided that I really wanted my project to focus and campaign on women’s rights around the world, specifically in the Middle East. I still want to develop my topic further and make it more specific, even though I know that there is a tapestry of problems that need to be addressed in regards with women’s rights around the world, so I’m considering campaigning for protection of women from sexual harassment or campaigning against the ridiculous violations/restrictions on women’s rights, for example how in Saudi Arabia and Morocco rape victims can be charged with crimes, etc, etc. Creatively, I’m not quite sure how I want to execute this campaign but I’ll probably want to make a short film or PSA.

Rewiring the Youth’s Consciousness + Project Pitch

One thought on “Rewiring the Youth’s Consciousness + Project Pitch

  1. lizpina says:

    I agree that digital tools have helped advance Egypt’s progression toward the revolution. Without digital tools like the Facebook, Twitter, etc., one would be more at risk of getting caught and violently punished. I feel like the anonymity of these internet sights take the weight off of speaking up for one’s rights as well as organizing demonstrations in hopes of making a difference.

    I also really like your project idea. Maybe specify on the UN’s legislation and how they also have the idea of protecting women from sexual harassment and violence, and how effective the legislation is.


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