Youth Digital Citizenship

After reading this article I was able to better understand the process new generations undergo to come to the decision to up rise against repeated issues. Last week we learned about Khaled Said movement and how that aided in the revolution in Egypt. One of this week’s article focused on how the new generation uses social media as a method of protesting at a global scale. Social media allows the new generation to establish a global presence while staying connected in their present environment.

In Egypt the new generation conducted sit ins and civil protests against the regime that existed in Egypt. Social media played a large role in spreading the horrors that were occurring in the country at the time. For example, a sit in that was conducted could be uploaded to Facebook and shared with millions of people world wide. This is the worlds current method of mass communication and mass exploitation. In comparison to previous generations, the newer generations must assert their rights in a digital sense. This means that from a young age they understand that the world is connected through the web and therefore expression is obtained in the form of social media.

Protesting to the newer generations come in the form of social media exploitation. Long forgotten are the times of physical pretests and mass gatherings to express ideas. The socially connected world has allowed people to express themselves that does not involve traveling, coordination, or courage. It is much easier to post a rant on social media than to physically attend a rally where physical harm might linger. So do you believe that the Revolution would of or would not have happen if social media was not involved? Like Raggal stated, “Revolutions take place first of all in our minds.”

Project Proposal:

I am still trying to figure out what exact to do for the project. I think doing extensive research on a current issue in the Middle East is something that interests me and following it by creating a video addressing the issue. I would also like to see my peers ideas and work with people with similar interests.


Youth Digital Citizenship

One thought on “Youth Digital Citizenship

  1. Shaina Goel says:

    I like how you emphasize that this is the ‘newer generations form of social media exploitation’. That physical protests almost feel odd to us and the way we gather information and opinions and disseminate information and opinions is through social media. Social media can gather a bigger media populous for a movement that a physical location can sometimes. For example the COP 21 Climate Change meeting in Paris was a place where many environmental movements could physically come together and try to develop a movement by meeting on another instead of strictly meeting and communicating via social media. Its interesting to think that maybe both types of movements if coordinated well, online and physically, could be the way to make a substantial and positive social movement.


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