Social Media Herrera

In the article, Youth and Citizenship in the Digital Age: A View from Egypt, written by Linda Herrera, is a enjoyable read because it highlighted the fact that Social Media in Egypt has helped the youth grow and expand. Unfortunately though, there is constantly a battle within the United States, stating that Media is starting to change how people act, walk and talk. We a the post-modernize era that is changing so rapidly because of this constant need to have social media, which in turn is creating social trauma, war, and economic crisis. But in countries like Egypt, its evident that they are thriving together as a civilian nation, using their social media platforms as a way to blog, debate, and eventually create statements about their governments policies, laws and wrong doings. A lot of people are starting to use this as a positive way to be an activists and to build a stronger group of believers.

Additionally, with every negative their is a positive and for every positive their usually is a negative. With that being said, I also found it interesting that Herrera brought up the fact that our generation is lacking skills in long term planning and visions. It is very obvious that our 1st world countries are starting to become so engulfed in using social media/technology, that we are starting to lose the ability to focus and have attention to subjects. Many professors and sources believe that because of the constant use of Media more children and adults are being diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. But to continue, I do not fully agree with Herrera stating that its hard for us to create long term visions. I believe that we are all still very capable with being a successful human beings.But It just takes a little more effort because more people believe they are being watched, which in turn can create a lack of drive and lack of confidence.

Social Media Herrera

One thought on “Social Media Herrera

  1. alexanderamiot73 says:

    Agreed, I liked your points about the idea of social media and technology have effected young people in both good and bad ways. But like you said for every negative, there is a positive. The education of computer literacy and how to navigate this medium is now more essential then ever.


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