Miltary trails for Citizens: Is it necessary?

Is the whole truth displayed in the news anymore? That was the major question in the forefront of my mind when I watched a clip of interviews following the social revolution later became called “The Maspero Massacre.” These protestors were having another rally and one thing lead to another. Than all of the sudden military personnel started driving their vehicles recklessly up and down the streets in order to disband the rally. When that became no longer effective, some soldiers start opening fire on the protesters in order to break up the rally. Several people were killed, heavily injured and arrested by the military personnel. I originally saw this clip in a larger set of short films at a local film festival a couple days ago. Honestly when I first witnessed some of the actual footage of the rally, some of it was very shocking. Seeing the random bodies bruised, beaten and ran over in some cases, were horrifying to watch. So this short film gives this issue perfect justice on the actual realties of what was happening with current citizen and military relations.

Words can’t thoroughly expressed how I felt while watching this short film. The one feeling I felt was great empathy towards these people. They got discriminated against and in my opinion the lucky ones were the people detained for a few hours and then rereleased. At first I had no idea of the reasons of why these military personnel would commit these outrageous acts of mindless violence. But then I realized after learning some history of Egypt before and after the social revolution. Is that it had a long standing set of policies of how to treat opposition and with protesters. Such policies like for having military trials for civilians and as well as keeping the peace by any means necessary. Overall I don’t think this problem will be fixed overnight, but I think will time and effort of hard-working people to make innovative change. Than those policies will be a thing of the past.

Miltary trails for Citizens: Is it necessary?

One thought on “Miltary trails for Citizens: Is it necessary?

  1. anthonymartinez415 says:

    To personally answer your question, “Is the whole truth displayed in the news anymore?” I would have to say no and that most of the times it never is. First off most news sources are politically involved causing extreme biased opinions and even false information (occasionally). And secondly, a lot of the time we the people (The people of planet Earth), can not always accept the truth and be able to handle the truth, especially in the United States or other 1st World countries. ** Everything can be so sugar coated and shielded that when information, such as the Edward Snowden, National Security, case was released to the people, our country instantly panicked. So to get back to the topic of Egypt and the “Maspero Massacre,” I don’t see how any other allied company would have displayed these graphic images about the Egyptian Government killing innocent protestors. But I completely agree with you that after actually watching multiple interviews and clips on Youtube, I am shocked of the imagery and the insanity that actually occured during that time period. These are issues that should be taken up and acted on by countries like ourself and other allied countries.


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