Tweet, Fact & Blog #AfterTahrir

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Fact of the Day: The United States supports Egypt as a key ally-with aid, arms, and military “cooperation”-despite the widespread and documented human rights abuses.

Today is a day that should be a day of celebration, love, happiness and joy. But instead Egypt’s new leader Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has put the fear back into the citizens. He has deployed troops, raiding homes and cultural centers, looking for people that “are aimed at polarizing society and mobilizing the masses against the government.” Additionally, after reading a few articles online right now I have been able to understand that some activists are stating that “the scale state repression today is even worse than under Mubarak.” So with that people continue to fight for their freedom and their ability to have a voice over this regime and police state.

Furthermore, today I went to the panel from 1:30 to 3:15. And the some of the facts I took out of it, was that just because the revolution doesn’t necessarily mean their has been a drastic change within the country. For example, one story was that police would accuse people that are sleeping on the streets for crimes they never committed, which is again an example of this irrational police led state. Additionally, the discussion of the ban of Ultras was a very interesting subject that I never knew about. “They will not be able to act in the name of those groups during football matches, nor will they have any voice in face of the regime, and any person acting in their name should be arrested,”said by Anti Ultra Lawyer. Continually, Its really hard to hear about all these rules, laws, and crimes committed by the internal system within Egypt. It would be quite a tough place to live and to follow the rules especially living in a place like America. So for those that educating themselves on these issues taking place within Egypt, it time for us in America to stop taking for granted the pleasures and freedom we have within the states.


Tweet, Fact & Blog #AfterTahrir

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