Ultras in Egypt

At the After Tahir Conference the topic of a group known as the Ultras was brought up. It was interesting to hear how a fan-based group was being harassed by police and seen as a political threat. I personally found it hard to understand why because to me, they sounded like a group of men that share a passion for the sport of football. I compared them to the fans that tailgate at the Super Bowl or the passionate fans of the World Cup. There are instead seen as hooligans, even though they aren’t an actual threat. The Ultras perform chants, dances, and light flairs to show their support of their team. The police will often beat them and confiscate their banners and other things that show their support.

I see it as a healthy way for people, specifically men to come together in a positive way. There aren’t fraternities or sororities like there are here, so these groups help young men socialize in a healthy way. The only way I see the Ultras as a possible threat to the government are the large masses of people. If needed these people could easily rally to protest against the government.

Ultra White Knights
Ultras in Egypt

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