You Stink

The YouStink campaign targets removing the garbage that the Lebanon government refuses to acknowledge. The movement has an active website that is published in two languages to accommodate both the locals facing the issue and those who are interested in learning more. Not only does it provide their mission and what they stand for as a group but also have direct links to social media accounts that provide even more opinions and information. What amazed me were the pictures in the article written by Taylor. It was powerful to see not only the amount of trash just there in the open, but how the protesters are dealt with. They are hosed down, beaten, shot at, and injured fighting for sanitation in their homes. You think that the government would take action to help the people. They are asking for a simple thing, which is to pick up the trash. Without following through the spread of disease as a problem arises. I put myself in their situation and it sounds horrible: the thought that trash would just pile up in the streets.

You Stink

One thought on “You Stink

  1. I agree with your points, and do agree that putting yourself in the situation is a way to understand and see where the people are coming from. I enjoyed being able to travel to their social media site and learn more about the trash crisis, and how things have been unfolding. I too felt asking to have the trash picked up was simple, but I realized and found myself thankful for our garbage system disposal service.


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