Bloggers in the Middle East

It was interesting to see how bloggers in the Middle East are in a way more motivated than other parts of the world. The people trust bloggers than they do the journalist. Even though the government is doing what they can to stop the bloggers they are more reliable because they voice their true positions regardless of government ideologies and threats. They know that they can be punished for doing so, but they do it anyway; this allows them to become a reliable source of information for the people. They are seen as activist rather than journalist and use that power to advocate their cause local and internationally as well as bring people together.

An example of a blogger would be Bassel. He is praised for his activism through technology but was taken away. The article takes about his own personal build up to become an activist through media. He developed a skill and shared it with the Arab world, but the government saw that as a threat, just like they see large gatherings as a threat. Even though his intentions weren’t to directly attack the government, the service he provided for the public was enough for a red flag to go up.

Bloggers in the Middle East

One thought on “Bloggers in the Middle East

  1. sierrakalman says:

    I also think it is interesting that more people trust the bloggers than journalists because I think it is opposite in our country. I think because bloggers have a better reputation for speaking the truth in the middle east while journalists might not have a good reputation. I think the main difference from bloggers and journalists, like you said, is that bloggers use more opinion while journalists tend to be less controversial.


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