Arab Journalist Vs. Bloggers

DigiActive is starting to sound like the number one source to release your feelings, state the facts, and share with the world the information that is happening internally within ones country, especially Beirut. In the article, Jessica Dheere states, “Despite the fact that they live under repressive regimes-or perhaps because of it-these individuals may be the next iconic defenders of free speech, not just in the Arab world but around the globe.” I believe that this was a big step for a lot of these activist because having the ability to join forces together and brain storm ideas to protest and get the citizens active within the community is a big step for countries like Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Morocco, and etc.

Additionally, after reading this article and understanding that people want Bloggers to behave more like journalists because “it would be easier to protect,” is in my opinion true. But I don’t think its something that should happen at all because Bloggers create a much greater dent and impact on society, from arranging protests/meetings, to thoroughly researching a topic and telling the story so everyone can know about it. Obviously Journalist strike similar traits, but being a journalist requires professionalism and censorship. While Bloggers, there is no holding back. Which is in fact why people like Mohammed Erraji was sentenced to two years in prison. He continued to break the line of speaking freely and did not care for the consequences or at least he never thought they would be so harsh.

In closing, I have a personal question I wish to ask any of you reading this blog….Its obvious protest, blogging, and organized groups are the key to elements to together in countries like Egypt. But its obvious still that change isn’t going to come anytime soon. What do you think is the next step to helping the people (Ex. Egypt) the ability to have more Human Rights, Freedom of Speech, and peace within? The Second Revolution? External Countries getting involved and fighting along the citizens? America cutting Egypt off?



Arab Journalist Vs. Bloggers

2 thoughts on “Arab Journalist Vs. Bloggers

  1. alexanderamiot73 says:

    I agree that bloggers should have no fear in saying what needs to be said, regardless of potential threats. Also I found it interesting you ended your post with imposing a question onto the reader, I like that. Overall good summary and analysis of the text.


  2. Maria Manzanares Gurucharri says:

    I agree that journalism is much more on the professional side as bloggers get to speak their own views, and although you say that the change isn’t going to come anytime soon I personally think that the change is happening. Obviously it isn’t going to be very fast and the Egyptians will begin to have freedom of speech tomorrow, but the beginning of some citizens will always open the way to the rest of the population to express their feeling.

    Personally I don’t think that a Second Revolution or external Countries getting involved and fighting along the citizens or even America cutting Egypt off will actually have an effect as we have seen that the first revolution hasn’t done much and getting other countries involved will only make more war. So to conclude I think that the digital activism and the bloggers are the best way to continue with this. It is a very slow process but in my opinion, efficient.


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