To Blog Or Not To Blog?




I thought both articles were very informative and I enjoyed the way they were written. The Article Arab Bloggers Meet to Discuss Free Speech, Reject ‘Journalist’ Label by Jessica Dheere was very captivating to me. The article discusses the roles played in digital activism. Many of the worlds top leading digital activists come from Northern Africa and the Middle East. This defiantly is not unanticipated given the fact that these countries are ruled by very repressive regimes. It is remarkable that so many men and women are willing to risk their lives and their families lives in order to get the truth out to the world. Its fortunate that we live in a place now where individual’s thoughts, experiences, ideas, and facts can all be shared in seconds with the rest of the world. Social media is extremely powerful but must be used in the right way for the correct outcome to happen.


The article discusses the difference between bloggers and actual journalist. It brings up the question can bloggers be taken as seriously as journalist? Its interesting because I have thought about this question before and it makes me wonder. I appreciate what the article says about people wanting to blog about the truth and not conform to journalistic “code of conduct” however at the same time we also have to keep in mind that everyone has their own opinions and agendas when it comes to the news. I do think blogging is extremely important and as we have studied one can see what bloggers have done for the Middle East and the sheer impact it has made.  I do think many journalists have lost a lot of their integrity and the job isn’t what it used to be. The five major news companies in America are owned by the same person, Rupert Murdoch who basically controls what is being show and what is being said.


The article also discusses why bloggers feel that they are not just journalist because they are not just reporting what is going on instead they are taking action and having an active role in what is happening. They facilitate change and solidarity rather then just regurgitate what is being said. The Bloggers are behind what is happening helping the people of the world. I really liked this article and it made me want to become an digital activists.

To Blog Or Not To Blog?

4 thoughts on “To Blog Or Not To Blog?

  1. sanasayedi says:

    I agree with everything that you said. I think that these bloggers are trying to facilitate change and help for their people and country. I found the debate between activists and journalists really interesting and I too think that activists are just as hard working and trying to inspire change as much as journalist. Especially since the bloggers are willing putting their lives in danger in order to promote activism against their oppressive governments. I really liked your pictures btw.


  2. gabmaria93 says:

    I really enjoyed your blog post. I feel the pictures alone said a lot, specifically the picture which illustrates that the only revolutionary tools you need are Twitter and Facebook (essentially all online platforms), not AK-47s or machetes. I agree with your analysis on Dheere’s article “Arab Bloggers Meet to Discuss Free Speech, Reject ‘Journalist’ Label.” As we have been discussing throughout the class, these bloggers/digital activists are important because they are bringing raw truth and awareness to the world. I personally think there is nothing wrong with journalists, as I aspire to be one, but I also believe that non-journalists/bloggers are extremely important because they are essentially reporting the “nitty gritty” and that is so commendable because they do this even though they are putting their lives at risk. Great blog.


  3. Great blog and visuals. It is amazing how these people are willing to potentially risk their own lives for the greater good of others. I feel credibility is a tough issue when it comes to bloggers vs. journalists. I think it depends on the blogger. If you have someone that is living though the issue then I believe their credibility is high compared to a journalist that is sent to quickly investigate and come up with a headliner. There is still the issue of being bias, but a blogger`s goal is not only to inform but to build community where people can gather an take action.


  4. ipalacio23 says:

    I liked your contrast between journalists and bloggers. I do feel the same way in that journalists have lost their integrity and simply just report the news rather than actually try to investigate and find the truth. Its unfortunately that the bloggers are criticized for using the same codes as journalists, but in the end it shouldn’t matter because they are doing a better job of sharing valuable information anyways that could lead to a powerful political movement.


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