Arab Bloggers and Free Speech

I thought Jessica Dheere’s article on activist bloggers made a really interesting point about the difference between journalists and bloggers. At first, I thought it was strange to think that some of these bloggers don’t want to be considered journalists, because I thought that might give them some more credibility amongst their readers. But Dheere’s point that, as bloggers, these people have a closer connection to the citizens on a more personal level makes a lot of sense through the lens of digital activism and inciting change in thee countries.

I also think that perhaps if bloggers were categorized more as journalists in some of these oppressive governments, their words wouldn’t be taken as seriously or as passionately among the collective people as they are as bloggers. As bloggers, their readers may view them more are ‘one of us’ instead of fearing that their words may be controlled and edited by a more powerful authority.

It seems that blogging, however dangerous it may be in some of these countries, may be the closest way for people to achieve free speech. The internet creates a platform to protect some of these activists, and it becomes easier for them to share their ideas and grievances on a wider space.

Arab Bloggers and Free Speech

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