Harass Map for Women

I like how HarassMaps is able to use media as a medium to spread their message throughout Egypt. Not only do they advocate their message regarding sexual harassment, but they are able to educate the public about what it is, who it affects, and who are the perpetrators. It also allows for volunteers how have experienced sexual harassment to help others understand what it is and prevent it from happening to others. I like how they emphasize that a certain type of woman isn’t the target; instead it can happen to anyone. Same with the people who perform the sexual harassment, like the stat that says only 45% of adult men do it while the rest are women or children which most people do not realize.  It is true that using media as a medium is an advantage when it comes to advocating because as HarassMap has stated it is accessible to a larger population, broadens who it reaches, and it is able to be used as an immediate source. It`s interesting to see how projects like these take off to actually help the cause they are advocating for, similar to the projects we are creating in class.


Harass Map for Women

One thought on “Harass Map for Women

  1. Maria Manzanares Gurucharri says:

    Harass Map has created a change in Egypt and I think that this should be taken into account throughout many other countries because the harassment many times is not even seen and even around us there is more than what we think.

    I also think it’s interesting to see how these projects take off as it allows the population throughout the World to actually realize what is happening and why it is happening and shocking facts like that less than half the percentage of the assaults are from males.


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