After reading this Case Study, I first want to say that I was very interested in reading all the stats and points within the article. It was extremely eye popping and visual satisfying, which allowed for myself to enjoy and engage in the details within.

Within the reading, I was able to understand further that the Police are poorly trained and the rule of Law within Egypt regarding sexual harassment is weak. With that being said, the citizens within lose faith in existing laws and fear that women will continuously be mistreated and taken advantage of.  Additionally, to my understanding, there are already a few governed laws regarding sexual harassment and violence,  but the only way for the community to reinforce these “weak,” laws is to work together through social media platforms, to create a voice and dialogue among the girls and women that have been violated. There are also phone numbers to reach that allow free legal aid, psychological counseling and self-defence classes. These resources are useful because they help connect victims and women in general in Egypt to fight together rather then being alone. This is a very important because whenever situations like this occur, people tend to mentally fight the battles, asking their selfs “Why” or believing that it was their fault. So having guidance and support groups is beneficial in many ways, especially when the government doesn’t provide legit help. As well, having digital technology allows the community to become more aware and creates organization to have specific group gatherings.

In closing, the stat of 75% of victims in public received no help from passers-by is absolutely outrageous. The reason being, is because I have lived a life of fortune, with great parents, living in great areas. I was always taught to respect women and to cherish them. Additionally, most people in second and third world countries were never taught to properly treat women and to use them as toys or objects rather then as equals. But as time continues to push forward, more digital activism is rising, creating slow amounts of awareness to these second and third world countries. If these governments won’t defend the people and punish the harassers properly then the people will continue to join together to overcome these adversities. Its only bound to happen with the higher use of phones, computers, and television.


One thought on “HarassMap

  1. @anthonymartinez415 great job pointing out the important aspects of the HarassMap campaign. I too found the readings very informational and well written. I think that the movement to thwart harassment and sexual violence against women in Egypt is essential in achieving human rights for all in the country. Their perspective on keeping women ‘safe’ and holding people accountable for their action through community involvement and leadership is going to have an impact on the future of classes and social development throughout Egypt and eventually the Arab world. Its innovation is exciting and will be interesting to see HarassMap become apart of the Egyptian social identity.


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