Breaking the Silence






This weeks article was very insightful sadly it does not come to a surprise to me how many women have to deal with sexual assault in the Middle East. Its truly disgusting and should not be tolerated anywhere in the world. Harrasmap was created in order to “To engage all of Egyptian society to create an environment that does not tolerate sexual harassment.” I think it is a great idea and very powerful to bring awareness to the issues that have been brought up.

Women in the middle east are not able to speak up about the crimes that are happening to them and in return are silenced. The Countries like to pretend that this stuff doesn’t happen silencing the victims as a way of denouncing the issue. However, with Harrasmap women are able to speak out against this repressive male oriented society. Harrasmap brings to life what is actually happening and connects women to other women who have been through similar issues. This is extremely important and helpful for these people who have had no one to talk to and share with what has happened. I think this is an amazing site and very important to bring awareness and shed light on what is happening with sexual assault in the Middle East.image1328359191-4597-PlaceID-0_s660x390

Its amazing all the data that the site has collected and the site shows what is going on and how vital it is for people to wake up and demand for women to have rights. I was appalled at how women are treated as secondary humans and so many rights taken away from them. We live in a world where this sort of treatment should not be tolerated any longer it is in injustice to society and the beautiful women that are apart of our world. We are all one. Our gender should not predetermine the way we are treated.


Breaking the Silence

One thought on “Breaking the Silence

  1. lizpina says:

    First of all, your first picture is very powerful. I feel like the idea it has is that what they want women to be is often generic in no consideration of their emotions. I agree with you that it is very important to emphasize the sexual harassment women go through. I also feel like it should be handle in a very strategic way in order for it to be effective.


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