Harassmap & Anonymity

This week, the articles centered on themes on women’s social movements in the Arab world. The article on Harassmap and the effect that it proved that crowdsourcing can have on a social issue was really compelling. I think that the process of Harassmap was particularly interesting because although it was an application that began as a response to a particular problem in Egypt, it’s something that could be implemented and have use in countless other parts of the world. Harass map’s success really highlighted the value of anonymity when it comes to digital activism. Counts of reporting harassment among Egyptian women before Harassmap were underreported due to the social constraints and implications that many of these women faced in their personal lives. Harass map provides an outlet to report these issues and build a crowdsourced, almost grassroots-type community of women who are experiencing similar injustice. Not only does this method maintain visibility among a typically invisible group, but it maintains an undeniability among the culture that these things are in fact happening. I think these types of applications and methods for tracking social injustice and social change is something that we should be seeing more of in the future.


Harassmap & Anonymity

2 thoughts on “Harassmap & Anonymity

  1. gabmaria93 says:

    I like how you illustrated that Harassmap is a platform that could be used, not only in Arabic countries, but also in other parts of the world. This is true because there is literally acts of sexual harassment all around the world. As you also mentioned, sexual harassment tends to be overly underreported in Egypt, so I like the fact that Harassmap was able to spark a conversation of the reality of sexual harassment that victims experienced, not only in Egypt, but in other countries as well.


  2. I definitely agree with you on the fact that this technique can be enforced anywhere in the world. It is important to know that resources and data forums other countries use can be done in ours as well, as they are versatile and fit anywhere. I would like to mention that it is not only the women who have suffered sexual harassment but also men, as mentioned in the PowerPoint on HarassMap. It’s important that we be inclusive of all victims of violence not only a certain gender.
    I enjoyed reading your blog, as you made a great point on the ways we can incorporate this data system in other parts of the world.


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