The rise of activism: Women2Drive

“Sunni Islamist is the force with the biggest mobilizing potential in the Kingdom and the only force theoretically able to threaten the system”

Although people had been arrested the activist wanted to keep doing their work, but the ideas of how to do that varied. There were various groups; one which thought the priority was to focus on the society to stop the growing trend of the social liberalization. What they wanted is to give equality to the women, an issue that was growing in the wrong direction. However, the other group thought that the most important thing to talk about was the political change, as some thought that Saudi Arabia was being converted into a “True Islamic state”. Finally there is a third group which tried to advocate a “civil jihad” using peaceful means aiming to transform Saudi Arabia into an Islamic constitutional monarchy.

However they were all in favor of the revolution and they got together which alarmed the outside countries and culminated by receiving donations, which they still are through Sahwa networks. The revolutions that happened were peaceful and they only reclaimed freedom and dignity, but with this revolution social media also increased in Saudi and people began to communicate their ideas this way.

Personally I think that having the opportunity for young people and women, along with everyone else, to reclaim and speak their minds throughout the social media is a very good decision, as no one should be banned to speak their mind and everyone should have the right to ask for whatever they want, without giving importance if afterwards that’s actually going to happen or not.


About the campaign Women2Drive, women should have the right to drive because nothing makes them less able to do it than men, and having the ability to use the social media to express themselves and prove to the society they are wrong and the women are able to drive or do many other things which they are prohibited throughout their lives is a very good start. We are in the 21st Century and I don’t think we should be still dealing with these type of problems, as men are no better than women or vice versa. Everyone has their own ability and everyone should be able to practice it.

The rise of activism: Women2Drive

3 thoughts on “The rise of activism: Women2Drive

  1. I think your are definitely right, when it comes to everyone should be able to speak there minds and not be afraid of there being a consequence after. It is important to see how gender inequality still exists from someone who lives in United States. This movement is particularly special to me, since my group and I are focusing on spreading awareness of this movement and the impact it has had. I sometimes forget how fortunate we are living in a country which allows us to have freedom of speech and lets us stand up for our rights. For the women who are currently fighting for their rights, I stand with them and want them to be seen as equals. It is unfair and like you said, “We are in the 21st century and don’t think we should be still dealing with these type of problems.” I could not agree more.


  2. mattman2011 says:

    Very valid points you made in your blog. I also enjoyed the quote and picture layout you made. It’s true that within our bubble here in California it can be unsettling to hear of the mistreatment of women that takes place in faraway lands. I think these campaigns help to bring not only awareness on the topic but a sympathy for those who still struggle with basic human rights. I think its high time that the world endure a cultural revolution in regards to human rights, and allowing women to drive is the first step in a long journey of human rights values within Saudi Arabia that deserve reform.


  3. lizpina says:

    I think it’s astonishing how women in America are allowed to drive and how that is not the same for women in the Middle East. That seems to be the case with the freedom of speech. I am grateful for campaigns like the #Women2Drive campaign because they make me grateful for the rights that I have as a women. Not only that, but I appreciate it for making me aware of what kind of inequality goes on in places like Saudi Arabia. It makes me even more inspired to know that although many activist have been arrested, they do not stop to gain any type of liberalization.


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