Change in Saudia Arabia

This week’s article by Lacroix, “No Spring in Ridayh: Saudi Arabia’s Seemingly Impossible Revolution”, talks about the inability of different groups of people to create a large enough impact to change the broken governmental system that desperately needs change. The common goal towards bringing change to Saudia Arabia is described in the reading by having different activist groups come together but as Lacroix states, there were always disagreements that would eventually separate the activist groups.


I think its very important the anti-government demonstrations continue to fight the repression that the people face in their everyday lives. The article mentions the protests of the 90’s, but I think its important to emphasize the role that social media has played in the Arab Spring that has contributed to a larger and more widespread response from the Arab region. These repressive actions by Saudi Arabia, for example, have sparked organization and social media activist groups such as #Women2Drive that have specifically targeted the issue of women not being able to drive. I think actions like these are the ones that will eventually change the views that the repressive government holds as well as the public’s. In order to bring major change into region, the different activist groups need to come to a resolution that will bring about a common goal.



-Ivan Palacio

Change in Saudia Arabia

One thought on “Change in Saudia Arabia

  1. I agree that the inability for activists to come to a common ground has caused some of the groups to lose their connective power and united strength in their attempts to change the oppressive controls over Saudi people. However, I do see the importance of each issue that the activists are addressing. Socially, I too think it would be a good idea for the anti-government activists to continue their fight and work to advance past the repressive attacks that the Saudi government has enforced. With social media and digital technology becoming an enhancive medium for activists to bring awareness to issues, it would also be important that they look to social media to find a common place to source their views collectively.


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