Media Activism in Saudi Arabia

It was interesting to read how different groups within a nation can influence groups of power such as the regime and inspire others to rise. Media, specifically social media, has allowed a population of young activists to rise. These activists range from 20`s to early 30`s and stand with different groups within Saudi Arabia. Although the article contained a lot of details that broke down the political perspective of Saudi Arabia I was surprised there wasn’t more details that directly addressed the Women2Drive issue although they did tie in women briefly, but it mainly focused on the pressure put on the regime to change. The use of media has allowed not only for these groups of protestors to exchange ideologies, but also as a communication device to gather together and essentially keep their “campaigns” alive and updated to the public. Although the groups had different individual goals they all had the similar goal of getting the regime to do something for the people of Saudi Arabia.

Media Activism in Saudi Arabia

2 thoughts on “Media Activism in Saudi Arabia

  1. anthonymartinez415 says:

    Great summary! I too thought it was interesting that there was nothing in regards to Women2Drive in this article. But in class the other day, which I found very interesting, was the fact women not being able to drive was never a law in the countries government. It was in-fact just a cultural issue that was passed on from generation to generation. So with that being said, I felt like the article was covering more issues regarding regimes and protestors with political influences. Additionally, it appears that in every article we read media and the use of social networking is the key for these Middle Eastern locations to strive. Having twitter, Facebook, and youtube as ways to release a voice is quite a remarkable step in the world. But obviously there still are gaps in the system in the Middle East and there is a lack of freedom of speech. But Like you said, “these activists range from 20`s to early 30`s and stand with different groups.” Which is a very key factor to understand the world we live in today. The world of media and social networking is so young and frightening to most people that range in there 60s, 70s, and 80s, especially when talking about middle eastern with thick cultural background and religion. So with all that being said, I truly believe that places like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, Syria, and etc will one day learn the ways when the old culture deceases. These areas will grow strong to have a voice. Women will hopefully be able to drive. And royal families will be pushed out of government and changed into democracy.

    Hopeful thinking.


  2. I completely agree with your point that the social media has allowed so much social movement, especially among the youth and upcoming generations. Media sources definitely are a great aspect for the vocalization of activists’ thoughts, some which may never be heard if there was no media sources to posts individual commentary. There is a sense of unity found within the process of posting, reading, and replying, one which may create a greater community which will enforce change in the world.


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