Saudi Islamists & the Arab Spring Summary

In the Research Paper “Saudi Islamists and the Arab Spring” by Stephane Lacroix, talked about many different ways social activism and protesting has been seen within Saudi Arabia throughout the years. “By the early 2000’s, after the repressive years of the mid-to-late 1990’s, islamists had once again become an influential voice on social and political issues in Saudi Arabia. Until about 2011, the people of Saudi Arabia had a discussion about change within the Kingdom. This most likely was caused by the revolution of Egypt and Tunisia, giving the people more motivation to speak up, looking for the possibility to have more equal rights across the region.  During the process of this change, Saudi Arabia received US aid, donations, and other goods to help the country grow further. They created more jobs and housing within the state, but unfortentley this was just a short term effort to a much bigger problem. The quick economic boom was great, but more needed to happen. Which was when the a group of  powerful Saudi Arabian “big names,” signed the petition “Towards a State of Right and Institutions.” This petition demanded an elected parliament and the appointment of a prime minister. The combo between the two appeared to put some serious pressure on the regime. But in closing, it appears that there are many different sects of activists within Saudi Arabia, looking for change in many different areas within the states. But unfortunately no one is perfect. So in order for these protestors and activists to succeed against Kingdoms and the royal families ruling they must continue to work together to over come these dark times. The constant spread and awareness that these people bring public has created a better world wide knowledge to the imperfections and harsh details that are going on within these Middle East Areas.

Saudi Islamists & the Arab Spring Summary

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