R-Shief: A tool for analyzing

I attended the R-Shief conference back in the beginning of the quarter where Professor Sakr and the numerous speakers who contributed to the website and its functions, spoke about the tools of the website. The main function of the site is to help analyze global social movements. As an open source media lab, it looks at discussions online mainly through social network channels like facebook, twitter, youtube, and instagram.

What I found revolutionary about the site is the way it can analyze arabic texts, and it remains the only producer for arabic technologies. I thought that the Instagram geo locator was the most interesting things that basically means you can choose any part of the world and it will pull up instagram photos from that region in the world. I think that the concept of R-Shief is unique and very useful, especially when looking at the Middle East and how much of the population is expressing themselves online and that the tools from R-Shief can help us understand what is promoting dialogue or activism. Since there are so many discussions and information online this can be a resourceful tool for trying to comprehend all the information on social media.

I think that this kind of new technology can be beneficial in many future forms of digital activism and having a site to make sense of arabic texts. This is especially useful for the current state of the world with so much happening in the Middle East and ISIL.

R-Shief: A tool for analyzing

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