Cairo Drive Screening

I thought the Cairo to Drive documentary was an interesting take on the changes in Egypt. I was amazed to see how populated Egypt actually is and I was also able to appreciate the documentary even more knowing all the time and effort that was put into filming and producing it. I thought it was unique how the change in Egypt was mirrored through the imagery of the traffic. I also like how there was a lot of b-footage when interviews were being conducted. In class Sheriff had mentioned that he didn’t use titles for people when they spoke and when I was watching the documentary I paid attention to this. Not only did the lack of title make the documentary feel more natural but I was better able to listen to what the speakers were saying because I wasn’t tempted to read what was on the screen instead.

When the documentary starts talking about the dangers of the streets of Cairo it made me realize how dangerous the city was. The interview in which the man tells about how his daughter was hit and killed by a bus was particularly disturbing and sad. It made me concerned about the kids that were shown riding on the back of their parents motorcycles. When the film ended I felt unsure about what would happen to Egypt after the elections. I hope that the corruption within the government will be solved and maybe some better traffic laws could be made.

The cinematography was done nicely I liked how most of the shots were very clean and I liked how the pacing of the shots increased after the comical car interviews. The switching of pace helped keep and spark my interest in the interesting topics that were discussed. Overall I thought the documentary was very well done and taught me a lot about what is going on in Cairo and within Egypt.

Cairo Drive Screening

One thought on “Cairo Drive Screening

  1. Maria Manzanares Gurucharri says:

    I think you are right with the titles aspect. He did mention it in class and I realized in the film that this made a great difference. I just think that when people get labels in the middle of the film we begin to link emotionally to these people and the good thing about this movie is that we linked to the content, what was actually happening behind the driving. This was just an aspect to cover the reality, to show the truth in a much more entertaining and original way.
    For sure this is a documentary that made us learn exactly what was going on, and although he did use his cousin as one of the interviewees, I still think that the stories where personal and told the truth.


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