Cairo Drive Screening Review

The Cairo Drive screening was a great way to grow knowledgeable about the dangers and driving culture in a city as populated as Cairo. The film was appealing in that it had several levels of emotions, which allowed the viewer to go on a sort of rollercoaster and view the different perspectives and stories from drivers and pedestrians getting from place to place in Cairo.

One of the most sad parts in the film was listening to the story of the young girl who was hit by a car and passed away. The story was a great addition because it emotionally draws you into the documentary and makes you sympathize with the family, and it makes you realize that such thing can happen to anyone in Cairo or in any big city where someone is trying to cross the road.

I really liked the last scene of Cairo Drive, and I think the best part was that it was all real footage that was not staged. In the ending scene a man gets hit by the car in which Sherief Elkatsha (the creator of the documentary)  is filming in. Although things get tense and the passengers and driver are in a very serious and scary situation, the camera keeps rolling and we can listen to some of the discussion happening in the scene. Being able to watch this made the experience of watching the documentary a very memorable one because I was able to watch the use of footage that could have been questionable to the audience and to the people involved in the chaotic moment.

Watching the film after having talked to the director was also a very interesting and fun dynamic. It was great to be able to have talked to the filmmaker, even before getting to watch his film. Sherief was very open to questions and elaborated on the subject matter one wanted to discuss, regardless the topic.

After watching the film I feel as if I have vicariously gotten a glimpse of the intense and chaotic driving scene in the city. Being able to watch that alongside real life stories and situations was also very helpful to visualize scenarios both through imagery and emotion. Overall, I really enjoyed the film and the overall experience of the screening.

Cairo Drive Screening Review

One thought on “Cairo Drive Screening Review

  1. Maria Manzanares Gurucharri says:

    I agree with you, both in the fact that the story of the girls emotionally drws you into the documentary and that talking to Sherief before waitching the film made it more interesting. I think this way at least you knew a bit of background before going into the film, if it wouldn’t have been that way, we may noyt have understood what the film was talking about or we wouldn’t have known the insights fo it, which in my opinion made it much more interesitng one watching the film.
    The last scene prooves the difficulty of filming a documentary, there are no takes, it is all natural and you film what there is there, the reality. However, aso this may lead to never ending minutes of footage, like he had, which could play against you because you have so much to choose from that you don’t know what to choose.


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