Cairo Drive

One part that stuck out to me most about the documentary was how lively the city of Cairo is. Most of the videos that I’ve seen of the protests in Egypt took place at night when not much else is going on in the area other than that protest. I feel like it helped the public relate to that region a bit more. As somebody who hasn’t lived through a revolution like the one in Egypt and who hasn’t seen much of Egypt at all, the documentary made the region easier to relate to.

What stuck out to me most about the video was the government official talking about plans to make driving in Cairo more similar to driving in other big cities and how people really did not seem interested. It was to the point that they needed to start teaching children how to use stoplights properly. I have to say that I’m on the side of most of the citizens of Cairo here. The ways people move about is part of culture, how people in Cairo drive is a part of how people in Cairo live. While it may seem chaotic, and probably is more chaotic than orderly, it’s organized enough where people can function in it and they seem happy doing so. While Cairo might not be the safest city to drive in I think that culture carries a lot of weight and people feel like they lost touch with the city is the roads suddenly became safe, almost sterile.

Cairo Drive

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