Cairo Drive

After seeing the award winning documentary Cairo Drive by director Sherief Elkatsha, I gained a new perspective on the revolutions of Egypt. The director’s ability to document the early stages of the insurgencies was extraordinary. Speaking with the director prior to viewing of the film, helped me gain a better understanding of what he was trying to accomplish. By focusing on the people and not the problem was an interesting perspective of a time were the people of Egypt were being framed as erratic and non-conforming. Prior to viewing the documentary, I had no idea that there was an aspect to the Arab Spring that was from a working-class point of view and one that was not biased against the different sides of the revolution. I thought that all working-class people of Egypt had some kind of personal vendetta with the government, but now I feel that those who were involved had reason.

The documentary shows a whole new side of Egypt I had never seen before. Simply seeing the amount of traffic that floods the Egyptian streets, was very interesting. There was much more to the fight than the politically stricken points of views portrayed by the media. Also, I liked how the director created a continued stream of consciousness that explored the different personalities of downtown Cairo taxi drivers in response to the elections. The director’s ability to grab the audience with his simplistic form of cinematography, using minimal camera effects was inspiring. Without knowing that the revolution was to occur, the director created a realistic way of viewing such a powerful time in Egypt’s history, without disturbing the ideologies of the movement. I think that in my future, I would like to create a similar documentary form, by applying simplicity to filming to create my own image of openly portrayed personalities in the wake of chaos.

Cairo Drive

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