careforflint final project

group members: Caitlin Cohen, Jana Kornely, AJ Martinez, Alec Pritchard

After the midterm, each group member began to work on the sections of the final project that they had agreed upon doing when dividing the roles. The first thing we wanted to have published was the petition, and Alec worked on creating  text for that. During lab time our whole group got together and specified the goals of the petition, and worked together to come up with a good way of phrasing our requests. As soon as the petition was online we started to spread it via social media by sharing it with our Facebook friends and sending it out via e-mail. Jana also created a Facebook page and a Twitter profile. She promoted the Facebook page in groups she was a member of and wrote private messages and public posts to other Flint-related pages asking people to sign and share the petition. On Twitter she used common hashtags when posting, retweeted other users and sent direct tweets to Flint-related users. She also took the advice given to our group during the midterm, and contacted the creators of other petitions for Flint, although most of them did not leave a website or e-mail address on, so she only sent out two e-mails. Alec got into contact with administrators from who sent us an e-mail offering help in the promotion of our e-mail. They suggested making some modifications to the petition (which should be done on Monday) and sending it out to 1000 of their subscribers. If that proves successful, they will send it out to all of them.

While we worked on promoting the petition, we were also busy working on the website. AJ used the wireframes to put together the different elements for the website and Jana made a few aesthetic changes and linked the different buttons to the respective part of the site. The video found on the homepage was single-handedly created by AJ as a mashup from other youtube-videos, but of course he asked the group for feedback. The texting for the website was divided up. Caitlin wrote the different texts for the “About”-section, which included the “Background”-section, the “Our Goals”-section, and also the “Health Concerns”-section. She did this based on research that we had gathered as a group before the midterm, and also supplementary research that she did on her own. Once the text was complete, Jana helped to give feedback and proof-read each section. Alec wrote the text about the petition and researched events for the “Get Active”-section. The website also features a blog for which Jana did the research and blogging. AJ made sure that the text layout on every page is visually pleasing and coherent and made modifications to give the website it’s final look. This documentation was written by Jana and Caitlin proof-read it.  

Here is our work:





careforflint final project

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