Film Documentary: Cairo Drive

I thought the film by Sherief Elkatsha, was a great documentary that really allowed us to see a difference side of Cairo, Egypt. The film showed the chaotic, but harmonious way driving is in Cairo. Many Egyptians expressed anger and frustration, when it comes to the disorder they face in Egypt. Throughout the film, I was surprised to see the way people drove in Egypt and how crazy it can get. I personally would like to visit Cairo and experience it for myself. Although, the main focus of the film was not targeted towards the accidents that occur from driving,  I was really touched by the one brief interview Elkatsha had with the father who lost his daughter. His daughter passed away when she was struck by a car, while she was crossing the street. The film also made me see how Egypt wants there to be a change, but it is hard when things have been the same way for many years.

I am a reporter for KCSB radio at UCSB, I was able to interview Elkatsha after the film. He was great to interview and gave me his inside on how he decided to go about making this film. I will be posting the interview soon.. down below


Film Documentary: Cairo Drive

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