Fresh Prince of Richistan Final!

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For our project we made a parody video showcasing the corruption of the Royal family of Saudi Arabia. Our focus is on an unnamed prince  who lives in complete luxury in a posh SoCal neighborhood.

The aesthetics of an MTV cribs style video in which the host, a prince of Richistahn, walks a camera crew through his alcohol, drug, prostitute, party house of a home. He rides up in his convertible slamming a bottle while sitting on the back of the car driven by two security The scene will open with protesters outside the house. When our prince opens the door the party in full rage mode then move on to several more subtle critiques of the corruption of the ruling class. Our Prince has also has a hot temper and gets pissed out by someone, threatens to kill people if he doesn’t get his way. These include a accidental reveal to a torture chamber, a hot tub made with money in it, a US government official giving the prince a fat check for oil money, and finally an awkward skype call between the prince and his father the King of Richistahn which showcases both the strained relationship between them but the hypocrisy that takes place between his father’s expectations of his son and what is actually taking place.

Challenges: The greatest obstacle we face with these series is production value. Fortunately we already have a house owned by a friend in the Hollywood hills that will serve the purpose for the home of our prince. The real challenge is dressing the set with enough props and extras to sell a party worthy of a Prince. We have a talented crew however with a lot of experience in production and the connections to fill our space convincingly.

2 day shoot.

Brandon- CamOp, Visual Effects


Ivan- production design

Sana- Project manager

Matt Hoge- Director/writer

Alex Amiot- Sound



The Prince of Saudi Arabia fascinated our group; Prince Majid Al-Saud who is the son of the late King Abdullah and who frequently spends a lot of time in his home in Bel-Air. What attracted us to this idea was the irony between Saudi Arabia’s strong Islamic culture and opposition to the idea of Western lifestyle and the Prince’s actions and lifestyle as the exact opposite to the values imposed his country. After making headlines last year about bizarre and troubling accusations including forcing his staff to strip naked in front of his pool, the alleged rape of a housemaid, forcing a man into a gay encounter, threatening to kill certain individuals who refused his sexual demands, and the most recently the chaos of his house parties in Bel-Air that was the scene of many fights as well as significant amounts of cocaine and prostitutes. What made this story even more interesting, is that despite all these offenses and accusations the prince was arrested and acquitted every time because of his financial stature and some of the best representation in L.A.

After reading about many issues in class about digital activism, we sought to create a comedic version of activism by examining a Prince Majid Al-Saud of Saudi Arabia who lives in Bel-Air but we’re choosing to keep anonymous in the video. Our project will consist of one video, a satire comedy. We plan to use the theme song of the show “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and use an actor to portray Prince as Will Smith and have our own lyrics to the theme song sung by the prince. We plan to use a home in L.A for most of the video as well as some shots outdoors to really capture the theme song and to make it as close to the Prince’s lifestyle as possible.

The video will be more of satire comedic spoof very similar to an SNL skit examining the Prince at his home in Bel-Air before and after one of his parties. We plan to use an actor to portray the prince and follow him throughout the video to show what he does during this parties and as well as bringing in some of his craziest behaviors he’s been arrested for.

The video will be around 5-8 minutes long. We expect the shooting days to last no longer than 3-4 days. We also plan to set up shooting sometime next week on February 27th and 28th.

Our group project has significant roles for each group member. Sana and Ivan will be project manager/producer and they are responsible for everything to be on time as far as project schedule and shooting days and finding actors and extras, and will help out in every aspect needed to be filled on the shoot day. Matt and Alexa will be taking on the job as directing, cinematography and camera. While and Brandon will be in charge of editing and sound. Again, our group plans to work together with every job possible to completing the project therefore there will be a lot of overlap and help with each member across the entire project.

We hope after our video is finished it will give students an opportunity to look at a prominent member of the gulf region monarchies and learn that his actions are entirely against the cultural and religious values of his country. It will also allow people to hopefully rethink their opinion about Saudi Arabia in general to know that the country’s laws and principles are very different to what the Saudi people want and addresses the corruption as well as the ironic hypocrisy from the ruling families in the gulf.

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Fresh Prince of Richistan Final!

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