The perks of Cairo Drive

First off meeting Sherief Elkatsha was an amazing individual to meet in class. His advice for film majors as well as professional adults, (that we are soon going to be) was very inspirational. (Inspirational enough for me to write down and keep it in the post its I abide by)  His film, Cairo Drive, just added to his personality and the type of person he perceived to be! The mix of comedy and emotion is what attracted me most to the film. I really enjoyed seeing the streets of Cairo and getting an idea of what driving looks like in a very complicated routine most people in Cairo go through.

The humor in the film made Cairo relatable. Watching the simplicity of how people describe the way they communicate through honks and how they get road raged reminded me of me on the road. It was some sort of comedy relief because although driving can lead to death, it can also be funny because of how we can be perceived to others. This film also reminded me about how I use comedy relief to cope with my emotions and adversities. Although, I can empathize completely, it made me relate to the people in Egypt and understand them in a deeper sense.

Overall, the film made me want to visit the streets of Cairo. It made me intrigued to continue learning about these different details about the Egyptian culture.


The perks of Cairo Drive

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