Cairo Drive



Sherief Elkatsha was such an inspiration and everything he said about the documentary process made me feel better about myself. I have been working on a documentary on my own for the past three years and often times feel like giving up so hearing him say the same thing made me feel better about my project.

I could totally relate to him also with the love hate aspect of film making its such a long tedious process that involves so many outside sources that it can easily become very frustrating. He was such a great guy and defiantly gave me inspiration. I also found it very awesome that he went about making his film in his own personal way and not having major investors, I have a lot of respect for him and his process. I also think its great that Lalia and Sherief have been friends since they were little kids it really does go to show how important your peers are and making connections now that will help you in the future! I was very excited to see the film after hearing Sherief speak about it! I thought it was incredible and it made me think even more highly of him!!

I thought it was such a brilliant way getting to know a city and a society by understanding there form of transportation and how they relate to one another on the road. I loved all the interviews they were so real and I think he did a great job editing. The film had such a great pace! I truly loved everything about it! I felt as if I was in Cairo while watching the movie. I defiantly feel like I have more awareness for the city and I would love to go there sometime!!!




Cairo Drive

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