The Media Effect in Egypt

While reading Herrera’s article, I cannot help to compare the amount of exposure the youth in America has to information on the internet in comparison to those in Egypt. Not necessarily do we know everything that goes on in the world but we do practice the ideology of freedom of speech and in many cases, have the ability to share our believes and ideas on the web without being arrested or brutality punished. Within the media, including the internet, we learn about other cultures. We aren’t necessarily limited to this information. It’s easy for us to gain access to international news, foreign films and have less restriction on what we can watch or listen to. I can see why an Egyptian, after knowing we have this type of freedom, chooses to question his or her country’s regime. Now having access to this information gives the exposed Egyptian something to compare his life to and leads that individual to gain desire to a similar right.

Herrera describes this exposure as “greater awareness of their place in the world and experimenting with the ways of challenging the status quo”. Medians like Facebook, Twitter, etc. has assisted Egyptian youth to express the concerns of  Egypt’s regime making easy for such individuals to meet people who correspond to these questions and concerns. The anonymity just makes it a plus and becomes encouragement for the Egyptian youth to publicly expose their individual belief. It gives the Egyptians a place to be ” Muslim orientated, educational, participatory, and subversive”. (Herrera, 347)

The media has became a place of opportunity in where the youth can create movements such as  antitorture campaigns like the”April 6 Youth Movement”. Ultimately, in Egypt the media has become an essential tool to survive. As Ahmed described it, depriving him from media is like “blocking the air to my lungs”.  The question is if the Egyptian is capable to create a use their accessibility to the media and impact their native land permanently.



* Aiding the Refugees from the Middle East:

•Educate others about what’s going on in many areas of the Middle East; on potential reasons why people are migrating to Europe; on the dynamics of what kind of people are migrating, including religion and determining the difference

•Raise funds for refugees

•aiding them in their region as well as Europe and the U.S.

*State protection for women in Egypt:

• including sexual harassment & human rights

• emphasize on their right to be educated


The Media Effect in Egypt