Saudi Arabia: A Generational Divide

This weeks readings were very informative on the variety of groups and happenings in Saudi Arabia. The reading was very well organized with its content and structured in the way it presented its informative. The piece was very relevant to today’s happenings and contains a great amount of details on the regime. I really enjoyed reading the piece and liked how it had focus on human rights.

The scholarly piece also talks about the rest of Kashgari, and those who were for and against his believes and actions. Towards the end of the piece, it mentions that the majority of supporters were the younger generation, even though they disagreed with his conclusion. The younger generation had intellectually understood what Kashgari wanted to do as far as freedom and liberation. The togetherness was evident in the amount of signatures that came together for Kashgari. It is mentioned that over two thousand six hundred were conducted, which included both male and female. the coming together of this generation is an example of ways in which media and a collective group effort has came together to make a difference. I found this piece of information to be very important because it does take a collective effort in order to make a change, and some of the most long-lasting campaigns must have require to have a strong foundation with a group of individuals who will go on to fight and preserve the legacy and change they stand for.

The piece also continues to mention that there is a strong divide between the younger generation and the older generation. This too was exemplified through the group of individuals who were for and against Kashgari. The divide of the generations can show a lot about the dissonance in the particular generation’s believes. The idea that there is a difference in thought between each generation can show the progression of the evolution of the thinking with the younger kids growing up. It shows that the way in which kids interact with society has changed, and the way parents raise their kids has changed, as well as the idea’s the new generation has adopted and agreed on.

I believe that wit the collectiveness of the people, the fight for the better in these countries will continue to happen, and with time there will continue to be a great deal of progression in each and every aspect the people continue to fight for.

Saudi Arabia: A Generational Divide

4 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia: A Generational Divide

  1. sanasayedi says:

    I agree with you that the reading was very interesting and directly speaking towards the idea of human rights being fought for by the Saudi men and women. I liked how you explained the gender and age gap between the population in the country. This is an overlooked detail that many people might not know about and a part of the reason why there is such a contrast in the population between people who want change and reform and others who are traditional and set in their ways.


  2. alexanderamiot73 says:

    I agree with your statement on how both sides for the protesters wanting change (the young and old) have different opinions and beliefs like if they’re for or against Kashgari. Another aspect of you post I enjoyed was you gave a in depth look of who is actually represented in the protesting and how many they are in each demographic. Overall good analysis and summary of the text.


  3. I really enjoyed reading your summary of the article and the main points you gathered from it. I think it is important how you mentioned the difference between the old and younger generations and their way of raising the youth and their changing views. All the small and greater movements begin within a certain generation and its up to them to help the older generations learn about issues and adjust. Your concluding sentence was a great way to end this blog and I also agree that, “with time there will continue to be a great deal of progression in each and every aspect the people continue to fight for.”


  4. sgrab33 says:

    I think you did a terrific job at summarizing the key components in the article! I agree with your thoughts and believe that social media has played such a vital role for the younger generation and has been a tool for change and bringing awareness. great job in explaining who was actually potesting and the different demographics! loved your article!


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